India Skills Report: Cong targets govt

Ahmedabad: The opposition Congress on Tuesday targeted the state government over Gujarat’s performance in the India Skills Report, 2022.

The Congress said that despite making tall claims about skill development programmes, Gujarat does not figure in the top five states as far as skill development and employability was concerned.

“While the state government has been making tall claims of being first in skill development, Gujarat does not figure in the top five states on the parameters of employability. According to the report, Gujarat does not figure in the top ten states where students prefer to do internship,” said Manish Doshi, state Congress spokesperson. The spokesperson said that the report states that no city from Gujarat figures in the top five cities for employability.

Commenting on the skill development centres in the state, Doshi alleged that instead of providing quality skill development training, these centres have become means where sympathisers of the ruling party get contracts under the pretext of outsourcing. “Crore of rupees are being allotted for skill development, but youth of the state are not benefiting,’ he said.